I have seen both ends of this issue very clearly.  I was visiting a couple whose wedding I was best man in, and there was someone yelling like a Sasquatch from a balcony a block away at 8am. 

“New Neighbors?” I asked smirking. 

“Every weekend” Dave said, rolling his eyes.  

They went on to tell me about kegs going off that balcony.  Piles of trash that wasn’t in cans. Booze overflowing from the bags, cans rolling around the street.  

It was a different bachelor party every night.  

These are not people who come in to enjoy Manhattan Beach respectfully, and I think we can all agree that we do NOT want to see that happening, ever, in our community. 

I have also heard of block parties that are not happening any more because too many homes on the block had gone to short term tenants. 

So the two things we want to avoid here are the “rotating frat party”, and we don’t want to corrupt the fabric of our community by having an entire street of tourists.  

I think that the new legislation passed on Jan 15th was fair, in that it doesn’t allow for either of the aforementioned situations to occur, but what I believe we need more information about is how we can police this, whether it’s a ban or regulations, it still will require enforcement on our part, and that enforcement will need to have consequences.  Having 300 plus listings on Air B and B this month is NOT an effective ban, and frankly is not a good argument for to get reelected.  As I think I have said before, we need to enforce the laws and regulations that we pass. Whether it’s a stop sign or a ban on Short Term Rentals, we need to be able to enforce the rules we pass.  

I want to know more about how we plan to enforce these new regulations, and how and why the (failed) ban was so ineffective.  

I am absolutely not for a de-regulated, “wild-west” of short term rentals, nor anything remotely close to it.  I think that arguing over the decision that was voted on Jan 15th is a distraction from our bigger problem…which is why the knee jerk ban was such a failure (all it really did was cut the city out of a big chunk of business license and tax rev while STR’s continue to run amok); so far we have shown we CAN NOT regulate this adequately.  So from the ban to regulations, the HOW is so much more important to me than the WHAT.  We are losing this fight while we argue among ourselves and the app keeps proving that we have no power in our own city.  

If you listened to that city council meeting, or have spoken to people affected by Air BnB, you can see that right now what we are doing is NOT working.  

If it can be shown that we can enforce a ban without cutting our noses to spite our faces, I WOULD SUPPORT SUCH A BAN. 

I also believe that an expansion of STR’s beyond what was voted on Jan 15th should be decided by more than just 5 citizens.  

It’s time to work smarter, and as a wise person once told me, stop being reactive in our policies, and start being predictive.