It’s frustrating to see this issue again and again at the top of our issues in our city.  How many elections are we going to be promised that a candidate will “hire more police”?

Coach once told me: When you get out too far in front of yourself, it’s time to to set up some cones, and get back to the basics.  I’m pleased that already that we are already starting to do this.  

Enforcing our traffic laws.  Wasn’t it a traffic stop that caught Ted Bundy?  We must enforce our laws.  We cannot tolerate the flaunting of our stop signs and our traffic laws.  Most residents have more respect for where they live to drive with recklessness, but Manhattan Beach needs to reclaim the title of a city where you don’t run stop signs, where you don’t drive drunk, and where you stay out when you have a tail light out because you will get stopped.  This keeps those that intend to speed down our streets, faces glued to the Waze map, out of our town.  

Manhattan Beach is not a good city to move to if you like to break the law.  We are a great city to move to if you want a safe place to play catch with your family in front of your home.  

Responding promptly and seriously to calls in reporting lewd behavior and loud partying.   Code 3 stops that show those driving by that Manhattan Beach is a City that enforces it’s laws.  That’s what we need.  

This city needs to get back to being a really uncomfortable place to break the law, and for us to show without a doubt that we will care, we will pull you over, and we aren’t too busy to allow any of our laws to be broken.

I also believe that we need to meet our citizens half way, and for all the cameras that we are putting up privately, we need to see that our municipal properties are just as monitored.  The amount of City property that goes completely unlatched is staggering.