Having respect and being conscious of the environment is something that used to be a lot closer to the top of our list of issues.  Aside from my assertion that “with great Beach, comes great responsibility”, we do have a precious resource and it is our responsibility to protect it.  Nobody is going to help us with that.  Having pride in where you live is infectious.  It really solves a lot of the problems we did mention earlier.  Pride in our beach.  Love for our beach.  These are some of the things that make our city so special.  Whether it’s picking up trash on the beach (most of us end up gathering WAY more than our own), or saying something to someone who litters, it’s about pride.  Manhattan Beach residents come in all shapes and sizes but one common love we have is for each-other, and for this city.  

City sponsored composting, support of our local organizations, and predictive measures that include studying the impact of all the construction going on in our city on our ocean.  

I shall continue to be proactive in ways to help the environment.  Now from the City Council chambers as well as at my business where we always use the most enviro-friendly equipment.  

We have long worked hand in hand with Surfrider, Heal the Bay, and a litany of other groups to be a progressive town when it comes to keeping our ocean clean.