As most of you probably are aware, the City Council settles development issues that are appealed from the Planning Commission.  As far as discharging this duty, I pledge to stick to the rules, codes, and limits that have already been established in Manhattan Beach.  

What poses the biggest danger to local control over the development of our own city is the California Senate Bill 50 (The Weiner-Skinner Bill), which aims to strip cities, charter and otherwise, of their right to enforce these aforementioned limits (as long as the builder throws in some low-income housing).  

I have no interest in State or National politics, and I ONLY have interest in what is good for Manhattan Beach, and keeping it the great city that it is.  No vote, no word I speak, no action I take, will be motivated by seeking a higher office of any sort.  I am from Manhattan Beach, and all I am for is Manhattan Beach.  I pledge to do whatever may be in our power to push back against Sacramento if they try to wrestle away our power to live in the community that we have chosen by imposing their dramatic changes that they have in mind.