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Dear Neighbor…

I write you asking for your consideration to be your next City Council representative. 

I have lived in Manhattan Beach my entire life.  I attended our local schools, I took trips with our Parks and Rec department, I’ve made friendships that I have no doubt will last my entire life; and throughout my lifetime of experiences in this City, I’ve learned what makes Manhattan Beach such an amazing place to live.

I come from a long history of Withers’ serving the community.  My father and grandfather have owned businesses here for over a century.  My great grandmother was a founder of the Neptunian Women’s Club, my Great Uncle was the Chief of Police at one point.  Many people have asked me why did I decide to run for city council, and the answer is a simple one; I want to give back to the City that has given me so much. 

I believe that we are at a crucial cross roads in our history.  With any City that has a beach and highly desired real estate, we are always at risk of being exploited by those who don’t care for our way of life, and care only to enrich themselves.

In this election, I believe we are lucky. 

I share the ballot with some of the most qualified candidates we’ve ever seen in a city election.  Whatever direction you want to see the city go, there are options.  With issues sure to arise before this council that would be impossible to predict, now is as important as ever to be sure that we elect someone who is only for MANHATTAN BEACH.  

If you aren’t sure you want to keep recycling our politicians for decades, if you want to keep partisan politics out of our City’s politics, if you want to keep our development responsible, all I ask is that you give my tires a kick. 

Let’s change the course of this city.  Let’s start spending our money responsibly at City Hall.  Let’s give our Police what they need to keep us safe.  

It’s time for us to move past the same old candidates while we watch the town we know slip away.  It’s time for something local.  It’s time for something new.


- Brian Withers

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